Q&A with Los Angeles Times Former Lakers’ Beat Writer Brad Turner

By Montezz Allen

Clippers beat writer Brad Turner

Clippers beat writer Brad Turner  -NBA.com

Los Angeles Times beat writer Brad Turner began covering the Los Angeles Lakers as a full-time gig in 1996. Of course that was the same year Kobe Bryant was drafted as the No. 13 pick by the Charlotte Hornets and then traded to the Lakers for center Vlade Divac, which was probably one of the dumbest trades in NBA history.

Sorry Charlotte, I feel your pain.

The swap for Bryant freed up cap space to sign free-agent center Shaquille O’Neal from the Orlando Magic later in the offseason.

The rest is history.

“I had a chance to go to seven NBA Finals,” said Turner. “I saw them win five of them. For a reporter, that’s pretty phenomenal. You establish some great relationships, meet some incredible people and you see some great basketball.”

Turner stopped covering the Lakers in 2011 and now covers the Clippers. That said,  he gave me some great insight about the world of blogging, as well as his career in its entirety in our Q&A session.

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